Sunday, February 12, 2012

Race 10 Victoria Bryant Trail 10K

Royston, GA   12/03/2011 

On this day I did a trail 10K.  It was at Victoria Bryant State Park in Royston Georgia.  It was put on by a group that does a series of trail races and they always advertise on their website “Walkers are encouraged to participate – need maintain a 16 minute mile pace for an official time”, so I signed up.

I don’t have much desire to do these short races, but I had just recently bought a new pair of trail running shoes (Nike Air Pegasus +28 Trail) and wanted some good trail time to try them out.  I liked the shoes and did notice quite a difference with traction. 

I really do enjoy trail events; it’s a different type of a challenge.  The only thing I dislike about this race was the distance.  I remember at mile 3 being bummed out because it was half over already.

RD did a video of the trail prior to race on put in on youtube:

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