Friday, February 24, 2012

Ft Yargo Turn By Turn

Mile 1.60 Cross over gravel road just past gravel road (50 yards) stay left (bypass "Rock Garden" on your right) outer loop

Mile 1.93 Asphalt road - turn right - cross over bridge - past "Mountain Bikers Parking Lot" back onto trail

Mile 2.50 Cross over wooden bridge

Mile 3.0 Cross over wooden bridge

Mile 3.4 Asphalt road - Wil-A-Way - 1st Water Station

Mile 3.6 Short climb after water station / cross over small wooden bridge / cross over fire road staying straight (outer loop)

Mile 4.5 Campground on Right (continue on outer loop) just giving you a visual

Mile 5.0 Cross over wooden bridge (stay right)

Mile 5.1 Asphalt road - cross over

Mile 6.2 Turn hard left - 2nd Water Station (continue on outer loop)

Mile 6.7 Cross over fire road

Mile 6.95 Cross over fire road - continue down hill

Mile 7.3 Bottom of dam - culvert and creek on left - dam on right - turn left back into woods (following the outer loop) then right up hill

Mile 7.4 Sign says option to go "Monster Mile" (hard left) or "Beginner" (straight) race will go towards "Monster Mile hard left back down hill towards "Gas Pipeline"

Mile 7.55 Turn hard right Bypass "Monster Mile" (it's on your left) and go straight up "Gas Pipeline"

Mile 7.75 Turn hard right back down towards dam (on fire road)

Mile 7.85 Turn left at sign that says "Bikers Yield To Hikers" (not hard left) Soft Left (one in the middle) Not Over The Dam - Once on this section "Lake" will be on your right for about 1 mile (flat and fast section - most of it - one good hill in there)

Mile 8.9 Turn hard left back onto gas pipeline uphill

Mile 9.15 Turn hard right back onto the "Outer Loop" (stay right - you will see other end of "monster mile" on left) route is gradually downhill until mile 9.4 (then it's a steep downhill to a wooden bridge)

Mile 9.4 Steep short downhill cross wooden bridge then steep short uphill - turn hard left at top of short steep hill - (stay on outer loop)

Mile 10.0 Trail will merge onto "Gas Pipeline" stay straight - 3rd Water Station (continue straight and trail will merge with gas pipeline and gradually move to the right - keeping lake on your right - back into woods)

Mile 10.45 Cross over "Steel Bridge"

Mile 10.70 Continue straight up power lines and slightly terraced hill

Mile11.50 Cross over wooden bridge and stay left bypass "Root Garden" (stay on outer loop)

Mile 11.65 Primitive Camping Area will be on your right (stay left back into woods - outer loop)

Mile 12.25 Asphalt road (Entrance "B" Road) - cross over - continue straight over "Power lines" on outer loop

Mile 13.1 Finish at Picnic Shelter #5 (on your right) 21K Runners or begin 2nd loop 42K Runners (42K Runners same loop twice)