Sunday, February 12, 2012

Race 7 13.1 Atlanta

Atlanta, GA   10/2/2011

This race was just too close to home to not do, heck it was closer to home than work! The 13.1 Marathon series races, from this experience, are highly organized.  Sign up, website, multiple emails from them, track the runner capabilities, packet pick up, great technical shirt, some really good coupons, great race day logistics, really nice medal, everything, was very easy and very organized.  Thumbs up to them.

As this is Atlanta, the course is filled with rolling hills – none too bad though, but constant.  My approach was the same as Asheville, walk uphill, walk fast/jog downhill, being mindful of heart rate maxing out in the mid/high 140s. 

It was quite cold, in the low 40s, for the beginning of the race.  According to it would be in the high 40s by the time I finished.  I do love this cooler weather! 

Through the miles they provided plenty of water/Powerade, cookies after the midpoint at a few stations, and orange quarters at one station.  Plenty of porta potties along the way too.smiley: smile

About 2700 people showed up for this 13.1/5k road race, with about 2400 doing the half. Once again, except for the first mile, it was never crowded.   2:44:49 was my chip time. 

There was plenty of crowd support.  

The end of race food was:  bananas, bagels, small bags of cookies, small bags of pretzels, water, Powerade, vitamin water, chocolate milk, and more that I did not see. There was plenty left for me and the rest of the back of the packers   Their set up for this was highly organized – after crossing the finish line, they give you your medal and all of this stuff is available for you at that time in a temporary fenced area – once you leave that fenced area they don’t let you back in (saw some exceptions to this rule, but it prevented people coming back and hoarding).  But this pretty much made sure there was plenty available for all finishers, regardless of when you finish.  I like this approach.  

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